Hello sunshine! I’m here to make your life sparkle!

Welcome to my brand new swanky pants website!

Soooo, after many, many, MANY years of do I/don’t I, I’ve reached the mid-thirties and decided – I MUST!

So here, I am, ‘musting’


The phrase that encompasses all the feels from terrified to excited all at the same time.

When someone mentions – oo, it’s the big 4-0 for your next big birthday, this definitely hits you. You start to think of all the dreams and big ideas you had and wonder how did time speed up all of a sudden.

So, it’s time to do what you need to do to live the life you want.

Or at least, give it your best shot.

From an early age I was a planner – even in its simplest form of those dreaded ‘lists’ most of us spend our lives making. Except I was the only 15-year-old with a Filofax(!)

I soon became the go-to friend for organising and making invitations for birthday parties and beyond.

But I never had the confidence to build my own business, I settled into helping my father run his and felt a huge moral obligation due to other long-term family problems to stay.

After 11years I have to do something for myself and allow some selfishness for health and happiness.

So, I hope you join me on this venture, another lady-girl stepping into the scary world of business and hoping it all falls into place and can spend my days making pretty, beautiful stationery and going on fabulous travel adventures and making the best wedding days for all you gorgeous people.

Bring me your sass, your energy and smiley faces and let me add some shine and sparkle into your life.

love, helen


let's meet & happy dance

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