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Do I have to use all your services?

Not at all, unless you can’t live without a little in your life! If you just want save the dates and invitations that’s great, if you want to just hire a few bits then awesome, if you just want me to make you a few cards then fabulous!


Do you have package options?

I can certainly tailor a bespoke package to suit you.


I’ve left it to the last minute, how quick can you do my stationery?

This depends – if you go with one of my studio styles and I don’t have a huge event going on at the same time I can probably get them done within a week, as long as you know exactly what you want in regards to colours, fonts etc and are good at making snappy decisions then we are good to go! Payment will be required immediately.


I’ve realised I need someone to set up on the day and its next week – can you help?

If I don’t already have an event in place and you have everything ready to go, yes. £200 day rate. I can work with the venue for you and keep you in the loop once I have your plan and know what needs going where. You’ll need to be organised with a list and we’ll work together to make sure putting everything up and on tables is achievable. You will need to make sure the venue is happy with everything you have requested first.


I need someone to pack up and take everything down the next day – do you do this?

Yes – just the same as setting up – £200-day rate. Within reason! I’ll discuss with you what needs doing first and cross any obstacles as we find them.


How can I pay you?

Card, Paypal, online or cash. All details will be sent to you on your invoices. NO CHEQUES!

What is the bespoke save the date and invitation process?

1. Initial consultation – FREE – we talk about colours, ‘theme’s’, inspiration, budget etc
2. Customer comes back to me with images, a mood board, possibly a Pinterest board
3. Customer pays a £50 design fee – this will be taken off the final amount if you choose to go ahead.
4. creates a design concept that is within the budget and sends to client
5. Client agrees design, pays final amount (minus the design fee) or decides to not go ahead any further

5a. Client would like to make a few ‘tweeks’ to the design and a second concept is made.
6. Client agrees to second concept and then pays final amount (minus the design fee)
I will then get to work to make it all and send out to you within our agreed timescale.


How do I order personalised cards?

Super easy! Email, text, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook message me with your chosen words and hot foil colour/patterns, I can then send you a digital version of the card and payment details. Once payment is received, I can send the card/s to you. If I get the go ahead and payment before 1pm I can normally get it sent out on 1st class same-day post.


Prices – £200 day rate – how do I know what my final cost is if I’m using you as a planner?

Once we’ve gone through the initial FREE consultation, I’ll come back with a good idea of what you need and set a final amount of ‘days’ I think I will need to work on for you. I’ll then send out my quotation and if you agree, send back the signed agreement with payment of 50%. The last 50% payment will be due 4 weeks before the day. If you add anything that is not in the initial signed agreement, it will be invoiced separately and payment will be due on invoicing.


Wedding planning and

venue dressing
& Decor

Give me your to-do list and layout plans – or simply just hire one or two pieces of my collection


Wedding invitations – either choose from my range or ask me to make a bespoke design just for you!

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